References modified 20130624
    1. Hubble's law
    2. Non-Doppler redshift
    3. Non-Doppler redshift in binary stars
    4. Solar redshift
    5. Age of the universe
    7. Diameter of the universe
    8. Mass of the universe
    9. Density of the universe
    10. Nuclear density
    11. Panspermia
    12. CMB Polarization Map
    13. Is the Universe Birefringent? Borge Nodland and John Ralston
    14. Mach's principle
    15. Newton biography
    16. Deriving the Galactic Mass from the Rotation Curve"
    17. Flat rotation curves of galaxies.
    18. Vorticity from WMAP data
    19. X-ray flashes emitted by matter in black hole orbit
    20. Precession
    21. Large ring laser gyroscopes
    22. Orbital resonance
    23. Compton scattering
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    29. A.K.T. Assis papers online
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      Recommended reading:
    1. Hydrogen: The Essential Element by John S. Rigden
    2. Genesis: The Scientific Quest for Life's Origins by Robert M. Hazen
      How did life start? How is it based on code? Great still unanswered questions.
    3. Origins of Life by Robert M. Hazen
      A Teaching Company DVD course which I really liked based on the previous book.
    4. Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth by James Lovelock
    5. Gaia: The Ages of Gaia by James Lovelock
    6. The Fifth Miracle: The Search for the Origin and Meaning of Life by Paul Davies
    7. The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry by Dr. J. Allen Hynak
      A former member of the Project Blue Book team discusses witnesses, evidence, incompetence and cover ups.
    8. Confrontations: A Scientist Search for Alien Contact by Dr. Jacques Vallee
      I loved the section where hunters at night in the trees in South America turned on their flashlights which attracted the attention of the Chupas. The refrigerator sized flying Chupas with their bright lights approached the hunters too closely. The hunters were killed by exposure to radiation, intentional or not, as were others in the book. Close encounters of the fatal kind.
    9. Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens by John E. Mack M.D.
    10. The Age of the Spiritual Machine by Ray Kurzweil
    11. The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil
    12. Pushing Gravity: New perspectives on Le Sage's theory of gravitation
    13. Newton versus Einstein: How Matter Interacts with Matter, by Peter and Neal Graneau, (Carleton Press, N.Y., 1993),
      ISBN 0-8962-4514-X, 219 pages, hardcover, $14.95 US. Orders:
      Dr. P. Graneau, Centre for Electromagnetic Research, Northeastern University, Boston, Mass. 02115 USA
    14. Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets -- 2nd edition, by Tom Van Flandern
    15. The Speed of Gravity - What the Experiments Say by Tom Van Flandern
    16. The Speed of Gravity – Repeal the limit by Tom Van Flandern
    17. The Big Bang never happened by Eric Lerner
      A great book that looks at the frequently neglected plasma universe.
    18. "">
    19. Seeing Red: A Study in Consciousness by Nicholas Humprey
    20. Kinetic Theory Of Gases by Walter Kauzmann
    1. emDrive - This looks like the drive which will be used in space craft of the future if this works out. I am looking forward to more information.
    2. Nano rockets - Rocket motors fabricated like integrated circuits.
    3. Spinning super conductors- Gravitational attraction when accelerated in one direction and repulsion when accelerated in the other.
    4. KiteGen - A megawatt kite wind generator
    5. Who killed the electric car? - A great DVD.
    6. Vanadium flow batteries - Change the electrolyte to refill your electric car.
    7. Water + boron = hydrogen, for cars or fuel cells - Energy storage.
    8. Solar cell future. - Solar grand plan.
    10. X-ray image of a comet - How could dirty snowballs emit x-rays?
    11. Hinode solar satelite - A satelite which might answer some key questions about electrodynamics and the suns operation.
    12. Fractal Universe as observed by the Sloan DSS - This map of the universe looks lumpy not smooth.
    13. DCA and cancer - A cheap safe drug for cancer, which shows the flawed path of cancer research, and hope for its victims.
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